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Turn creative thinking into objects that help you to focus and become intentional. Dream boards, motivational quotes, mastermind groups, and zenlike projects that return your energy and help you to channel the you that you're becoming are positive and fruitful. Saturn removes the fluff of things, and when in the sign of Capricorn, elements of the 10th House apply. Whatever area that Capricorn manifests in your personal chart, you'll feel it at work, with your personal reputation, social status, and career goals included. For example, if you're working on new fitness goals, people at work will notice your determination and commitment to self-improvement and this could lead to favor with the boss and an improved position in another area of the workplace. If you're being a good parent and focusing on matters in the home, someone at work might see the effort you are putting in and without realizing it, you are acting as a role model and inspiring others to be their best self. Capricorn is a cardinal leader sign, so this is a wonderful time for all zodiac signs with long-term results.  Aquarius is associated with the 11th House, and it's a zodiac sign that isn't super frivolous. Aquarius is athletic, it's free thinking and forward thinking. Capable of quieting your own mind and focusing on things that need to get done, this month, you can have the endurance you need to be true to your self, and your goals.

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