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Supply and demand led them to trade, borrow and lend their wardrobes. That means the company doesnt carry an inventory women exchange their own wardrobes. Instead of filling your closet with fast fashion thats going to end up in landfills or having designer pieces sitting around, you can keep these pieces moving on the lending side, and (renters)can have access to these great pieces for a much lower cost, said Perkins, who co-founded the service with family friend Bill Meyer. Renters browse an online catalog of clothing and accessories, sorting by type of itemor by designer. (Cheryl V. The renter also pays a $5 insurance fee. Perkins said the site launched with about 110 items available to rent. Curtsy operates exclusively on college campuses and relies on face-to-face exchanges though it's stated plans for a wider expansion. Fashion can be very exclusive, Perkins said. It pits us against one another to look a certain way, when we should be saying 'Youre my fellow woman and I want to help you.'

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Women at a computer The group revealed that fixed pay for its female staff was 33% lower on average than for their male staff, while there was a bonus gap of 66%. It sounds like a bad start for #GenderPayGap , but Schroders said the figures "may be misleading". In line with most companies in the financial services sector, there are fewer women in senior roles at the firm. The company said: "Our analysis of comparable roles shows that we reward men and women fairly for similar work and that the gap reflects the lower representation of women at senior levels within the organisation". If that's the case, what is the point of these figures? And how should you act on the facts? Why is releasing gender pay data important? The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) calls it "unprecedented transparency". For the first time, more than 9,000 companies employing about 15m people will have to measure, and then report, how they pay men and women. It will affect nearly half the workforce in the UK.

The prime minister flew on a Boeing 757 to Jordan and Saudi Arabia for her three-day visit, while the prince travelled in Europe on the RAF Voyager. About 10m was spent refitting the Airbus A330 for royals and ministers. Clarence House said the Prince of Wales' and Duchess of Cornwall's tour was booked before the PM's trip. The prince, who stopped in Austria, Romania and Italy during the nine-day tour, was joined by his personal doctor, an artist to capture scenic vistas, and a hairdresser for the duchess. There were also senior members of their household, embassy officials from the countries visited, government ministers, British press and RAF ground crew onboard. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The prince visited Austria, Italy and Romania as part of his tour. The Queen is understood to get priority to use the plane, followed by Prince Charles. The prime minister is then third in line, before other government ministers, who can also use it for official business. A Downing Street spokesman said: "The royal visit was organised some time in advance of the PM's Middle East visit, in discussion with the government.