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The Maine people are taxed enough. I will not tax them anymore and in my budget overall taxes were decreased," LePage said in a statement announcing the partial shutdown, the first in the state since 1991. The governor's order for a เสื้อ คู่ แนว ๆ ราคา ส่ง partial closure of state government went into effect at 12:01 a.m. local time after negotiations stalled over a $7.055 billion, two-year budget. A six-member bipartisan budget committee with lawmakers from the House and Senate had reached a deal on a proposed budget late on Thursday night, but LePage signaled he would veto the package because it included some tax increases. The Republican-controlled Senate passed the package by a 34-1 vote on Friday, and later in the day the Democratic-controlled House approved it by an 87-60 vote. But the margin of approval fell short of the two-thirds threshold needed to override LePage's threatened veto. Even if two-thirds of the House voted for approval, state law gives the two-term governor up to 10 days to respond to the legislation, allowing for a partial shutdown during that time. State police, parks and เสื้อคู่รัก ราคาถูก all offices responsible for collecting revenue will continue to operate during the current shutdown, LePage has said. A spokeswoman for the governor could not be reached for comment on Saturday.

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin. เสื้อคู่รัก พร้อมส่ง facebook (Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images) The septuagenarian inventor and statesman made quite the splash when he arrived in Paris in 1776 to seek support for the American Revolution. His likeness appeared in numerous portraits and pieces of memorabilia, and the aristocracy became obsessed with imitating his style of dress, particularly the beaver fur cap that he wore to help cultivate a frontier image. The hat was so popular that it inspired the “coiffure a la Franklin,” an unusual hairstyle that saw French ladies would fashion their wigs to resemble a fur cap. Women wear blouses today because of military man Giuseppe Garibaldi. Portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi, General, patriot and Italian politician. (Credit: DEA PICTURE LIBRARY/De Agostini/Getty Images) During the mid-19th century, the revolutionary led a small army on a series of campaigns that helped secure the unification of Italy. Since his men lacked uniforms, they resorted to wearing baggy, crimson-colored shirts into battle, which earned them the nickname the “Redshirts.” As Garibaldi’s fame grew, female admirers around the world adopted a similar-looking wool “Garibaldi shirt” as an everyday piece of outerwear. In 1862, the magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book even predicted that the functional, comfortable garments were “destined to produce a change amounting to revolution in ladies’ costume.” Sure enough, the military-inspired tops are now often cited as a forerunner of the women’s blouse. Queen Alexandra’s copycats in Britain made some awkward fashion choices.

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Guy Bourdins images of Chlo are celebrated at the fashion houses new Maison

Guy Bourdin’s images of Chloé are celebrated at the fashion house’s new Maison Chloé autumn-winter 1973 collection shot by Guy Bourdin for Vogue ParisCredit:The Guy Bourdin Estate This month sees the French luxury fashion house Chloé unveil a new public space in Paris, with an exhibition of images by the seminal photographer Guy Bourdin. Between 1956 and 1986 – when design was led first by the ready-to-wear label’s founder, Gaby Aghion,  and then by Karl Lagerfeld – Bourdin shot images of its collections for campaigns and for magazines, most notably Vogue Paris. "It was incredible how Bourdin outnumbered any other photographer – by a mile," says Judith Clark, the London-based curator of  the exhibition. Spring/summer 1979 photographed for Vogue Paris The show, at the new five-storey Maison Chloé, adjacent to the brand’s headquarters, marks this collaboration with more than 100 photographs featuring Chloé garments shot through Bourdin’s cinematic, often surreal, sometimes sinister filter. Chloé’s spring/summer 1975 collection, shot by Guy Bourdin for Vogue ParisCredit:The Guy Bourdin Estate "It’s not about the dress, it’s about his story," says Clark. "So many of his images are like film stills, and you feel that the dress is being used as a prop. It is a part of the story." A permanent exhibition in the space will feature an A to Z of Chloé, tracing the history of the brand’s heritage  and its famous designers – including  a run of four British women: Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Hannah MacGibbon and Clare Waight Keller, who left earlier this year, to be replaced by the French designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi. The house’s autumn/winter 1975 collection in motion,for Vogue ParisCredit:The Guy Bourdin Estate "In a digital world it’s become more important that there are moments and places where you can touch and feel what Chloé really means, to experience that spirit," says Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye, the company’s CEO. "We needed to give Chloé girls a house."  Feminities – Guy Bourdin is at Maison Chloé from 3 July to 3 September.  Tickets are available from

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