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Whatever factors drive consumer behavior, we all agree that empty storefronts do not paint a picture of a thriving community. Over the years, our Chamber of Commerce and elected Town officials have worked tirelessly on innovative solutions to increase foot traffic in town and drive consumers into our stores. They’ve rescued the movie theater and promoted Evening Strolls, the Village Fair and the Pop-Up Park. They’ve tried to overcome perceptions of village accessibility and adapted planning and zoning regulations. Yet, each time another store closes, everybody looks for someone (landlords, residents) or something (parking, the internet) to blame. Without some combination of high-volume / high-margin / high-pricing, retailers need to sell beyond the bricks and mortar of Main and Elm to thrive. They need the extend their customer base beyond 06840. While a community has a responsibility to support its retail sector by purchasing goods locally and making the retail area desirable and accessible, retailers have to offer products and services the community wants at prices they are willing to pay, all while delivering excellent service. So, assuming retailers meet the product / pricing / service criteria, how do they battle the ease of online shopping and attract shoppers from other communities?

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